March 16, 2017

5 Tips To Maximize Your Online Sales

Yesterday we talked about utilizing as many sales channels as possible (and as many as you can manage – that’s no small task in and of itself) to help get your products in front of consumers where they are shopping today.  Because online sales of food is such a growing area, it seemed wise to spend a little time today talking about how to maximize your online sales.1. How Are You Going To Attract Consumers To Your Website

This is marketing 101 but it’s a piece that many of us forget to take into account and plan for.  We spend a lot of time developing a great website but necessarily spend the same amount of time figuring out how we’re going to get that website noticed in and amongst the millions of websites out there.  What are your goals with this website?  Is it a place for those who have found you through other sales channels can go to learn more?  Are you hoping to attract new customers who may not have seen your products before?  Depending on what your goals are, you need to give careful consideration on what steps you need to take to achieve those goals.  For example, if you’re looking to attract new customers via your website you may need to be prepared to do targeted digital advertising that will reach that audience you’re interested in and will break through the clutter and get seen (and clicked on!) by them.  Don’t think that just because you have a website online that people will automatically find it.

2. Upsell Once They’re There

Congratulations!  You’ve managed to attract a consumer to your website – that’s no small accomplishment these days!  Now that you have them though, think about all the different products you offer that may fit their needs.  If someone is looking to purchase Product A, would they also like to know about Products C & F?  Show them the other products as they go through the shopping cart/checkout process.  Don’t assume that they’ve taken the time to scour your site from top to bottom before making their purchase.  They may very well be interested in Product C but may not know it even exists.  Try to help you customers get the items they want and need – even if it ends up being via impulse purchasing – by showcasing what you have to offer.

3. Can You Customize

Customization is a huge trend in customer service these days and if you have a product that can be customized or personalized then make sure you call that out on your website. This may be changes to the packaging that are fairly easy for you to implement – be it seasonal or personalized color choices – or even custom and/or ‘build your own’ flavor combinations that are only available online.  This can also be a great way to compliment your retail sales without stepping on your retailers toes.

4. Make It Easy To Ship

Love them or hate them, but Amazon is changing consumer’s expectations about shipping and how long it takes for a product to get to consumers and how much it costs.  You may not be able to meet AMazon’s pricing or timing (few of us can!) but be sure to help consumers understand that by not only including it during the checkout process but via confirmation emails and updates as well.  Set the expectations upfront about when consumers will receive your product so that they aren’t disappointed.

5. Help Them Return

This is an often-forgotten step.  If someone has made a purchase from your website, that’s a relationship you want to nurture.  What can you do to turn that one-time purchase into multiple repeat purchases?  How can you stay in touch in a way that builds brand loyalty and makes someone want to come back again and again?  There’s no one answer to this but it is a piece of the equation you should take the time to develop a concrete ‘post purchase’ marketing plan for.

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