March 24, 2017

Thousands Of Food Brands Reformulated In 2016

getting products onto store shelfWondering if the ‘good food that’s good for you’ trend is here for the long-term?  A report from The Consumer Goods Forum shows that thousands of brands were reformulated in 2016.Actually, strike that, hundreds of thousands of brands were reformulated.  Some of you may remember the big news in 2015 when Kraft started taking out some of the artificial ingredients in it’s iconic blue box macaroni and cheese.  2015 though, turned out to be just the beginning.  That year approximately 30,000 brands were reformulated which is next to nothing compared to the 180,000 that were reformulated last year.

According to the report:

Over 180,000 products have been reformulated, with 75% of responding members confirming they have reformulated products. For food and beverage companies, sodium and sugar were most often targeted for removal in reformulation and whole grains and vitamins were the most common nutrients to be added.

While the report doesn’t state this, one can assume that since reformulations aren’t inexpensive, much of this change is likely due to consumer demand and changing consumer attitudes towards food, health, and wellness.

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