Knowledge Pantry

March 27, 2017

Meet The Food Brand Summit Mystery Speaker

Matt Aaron and I are excited to announce the Mystery Speaker at the Food Brand Summit coming up in May.  Because this is an online conference, we have the ability to get some of the best industry experts who have specific experience and knowledge working with smaller brands like yours.  

Alli Ball, the founder and principal of Allison Ball Consulting, has helped food industry professionals succeed in launching and growing their businesses and looks forward to sharing more information in her Food Brand Summit seminar about how to successfully get your samples into the hands of retail buyers and what you need to do to make sure you’re prepared for buyer meetings.

As a reminder, one of the benefits of this online conference versus a typical seminar or podcast interview is that you’ll be able to ask Alli questions live during the presentation.  This enables you to tap into her expertise with questions you have about your business.

By way of background, Alli has an impressive resume in the food industry.  Through her consulting and her online group course, Retail Ready, she helps producers understand what it takes to get their products on the retail shelf- and keep them there- by sharing the behind-the-scene secrets and thought process of wholesale Buyers as they assess new products for their stores. Simultaneously, Alli helps specialty stores increase their sales through consulting on product assortment, merchandising, and staff training & retention. Working with both CPG and Retail clients is crucial in Alli’s consulting, as she understands the needs, expectations and challenges of each side of the food industry.

Prior to launching her consulting business three years ago, Alli was essential in the development of the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses, sourcing product & consulting up-and-coming food businesses for years on 18th Street, and then as Head of Grocery & Store Manager at Divisadero, building and managing a team and operations to support the majority of the products in the store.

Outside of her consulting, Alli volunteers her time as the Pantry Chair for The Good Food Awards, as an Advisor for both La Cocina and Kitchen Table Advisors, and as a mentor for The Food Business School.

For more information about the Food Brand Summit on May 4th & 5th; which includes a full day of online educational seminars and a second day of speed pitches where you can pitch buyers your products, check out