March 29, 2017

91% Of Americans Snack Throughout The Day

Raise your hand if you have a tendency to snack versus sit down and eat three solid meals during the day.  Don’t worry, I’m raising my hand and chances are you are too.  In fact, a report from The Hartman Group’s The Future Of Snacking 2016 report finds that 91% of Americans snack multiple times throughout the day.

What’s more, 37% of the time snacking replaces one of the three main meals of the day for American consumers.

These are some interesting facts to chew on (sorry, I couldn’t help the bad pun) as you think about your product line.  If more and more customers are seeking out convenience and the ability to eat-on-the-go, do you have products in your current product mix or may it make sense to introduce new products that fit this need?

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