May 12, 2017

The Wondrous Mind Of A Child (Mother’s Day Post)

This will relate to business but give me a moment to get there.  In honor of Mother’s Day….

The other evening I was snuggled with my 2.5yo daughter reading bedtime stories.  Believe it or not, despite what you may hear about toddler bedtime ritual nightmares, it’s actually one of my favorite parts of the day because all ‘devices’ are switched off and I am 100% focused on her and being present and in the moment.

We were reading a story in which there is a small issue and the remainder of the story goes on to explain how, by sheer luck honestly, the issue is resolved.   After the 354th reading of the story (those of you who have or who have raised toddlers can appreciate that!), my very verbal daughter cocked her to head to one side and asked ‘Why don’t they….’ and then proceeded to lay out what would seem like a very reasonable solution to the problem.  Granted, her idea wasn’t necessarily feasible (it would have involved the main characters buying a plane ticket to China) but it had a certain logic to it and it was a solution I hadn’t thought of.  When the story took the turn that said beloved stuffed bunny was mistakenly on a plane to China, in my mind I wrote that bunny out of the picture.

But why hadn’t I considered it from all angles.  Why couldn’t the main characters simply buy a ticket to China and go retrieve the favorite bunny?  It was a solution that never crossed my mind.

BRINGING THIS BACK AROUND TO THE BUSINESS WORLD (for those who opted to skip the above story)

This made me wonder how many times we adults look at a problem and try to come up with a solution without taking all of the solutions into account.  Are there things we discount upfront as being too hard, too challenging, or too expensive so we never give them full consideration?  By dismissing possible solutions so quickly though we never give ourselves a chance to see if, via brainstorming, we may be able to cobble together something that may work even if it is outside the ‘normal’ train of thought.

One big piece of being a successful entrepreneur is our ability to problem solve so shouldn’t we take all the potential solutions into account first in order to find the very best one?

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