June 21, 2017

Making The Most Of Instagram Stories

Here’s an Instagram statistic that made me sit up and take notice – according to Instagram Advertiser, 75% of users take action after viewing an ad on Instagram.  Keep in mind, the goal may not always be for someone to buy something so it could be as simple as getting someone to click or like something but still, that’s a powerful number!

One of the most recent additions to Instagram’s bag of tricks is ‘Stories’ which, essentially, allows users to create a visual story through the combination of pictures and videos.  That ‘story’ then stays on Instagram for 24 hours before disappearing (it is possible to save the individual images and videos – just not all together in the ‘story’).  Once it’s gone it no longer appears in your Instagram feed nor can you use it again.

So why, you may wonder, would a busy food entrepreneur want to spend the time and energy to create something that will only be useful for 24 hours?  Here are three reasons why you may want to consider creating Stories for your viewers.

  • Invite folks to see what your world is like behind the scenes.  This can be incredibly powerful as it helps your audience see that you are in fact a small brand (which may be one of the reasons they’re drawn to you) and it gives them a peek at a ‘real day in the life’ which allows them to live vicariously a bit through you.
  • Showcase some unique and delicious ways to incorporate your product into their daily lives.  For example, perhaps you want to schedule a weekly ‘Monday Story’ which would include a new recipe or menu idea that users could easily implement that week.
  • Offer something exclusive to your Instagram followers and only for a limited time.  Give them 24 hours to see the message and take action otherwise this exclusive offering is gone.   This could be something like a free giveaway, a sale or discount, or even a special menu item or flavor that is only available to Instagram followers who use the right code word, as an example.

Have you created a Story for your business?  I’d love to hear how it went for you and what you learned in the process.

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