July 13, 2017

Food Labeling Rules Delayed

FDA nutrition label new

Proposed Nutrition Label (provided by fda.gov)

Last month, the FDA came out and said that large companies, who were required to comply with the new nutrition label changes by July 2018, will have additional time to meet the deadline. Under the Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts Label and Serving Size rules that were issued in May 2016, large companies were expected to change over nutrition labels on all their products. While some companies have said that they would be compliant, the FDA felt that additional time was warranted to ensure that all large companies could comply. The new deadline for large companies has not yet been set. Whether or not this deadline extension will be granted to smaller companies that earn less than $10 Million, who originally had until July 2019 to comply, is yet to be seen.

Similarly, the GMO bill that was passed in July 2016 which was intended to set standards around how much GMO products would be allowed in food to be considered GMO-free and what GMO labels would look like is said to be behind schedule.

In a report by FoodDive, USDA officials say that the administrative transition and delay in installing a new USDA Secretary is why they are behind but appear confident that new rules will be forthcoming.

For more information about the FDA Nutritional Label laws and compliance dates, click here.

For more information about the GMO-labeling law and current delay, check out FoodDive’s article by clicking here.

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