September 8, 2017

Snacks Are Here To Stay

toast san franciscoActually, that headline is a little misleading. According to the latest research from Mintel that was published on, all foods are now essentially considered snacks as consumers trend away from sit-down meals and instead eat smaller meals more frequently instead.

In the past, the line between snacks and food has been pretty clearly drawn. Things like potato chips and popcorn, granola bars and a handful of nuts constituted ‘snacks’ Now, according to the research, all food is being considered ‘snack worthy’ by consumers.

This change in how consumers think and act can be a boon to many food manufacturers. Rather than simply positioning your product as one thing solving one problem, look for how your existing product can hit on many levels and throughout a consumer’s day. This may require some out-of-the-box thinking on your part as well as customer education about the different ways your product can be enjoyed and/or incorporated as an ingredient in some other snack item.

Rice Krispies is a big brand most are familiar with that is actually perfect example of this. As cereal sales stagnated, Rice Krispies started to do more and more marketing and advertising around different uses for the cereal. Rather than being seen as a breakfast-only item, it’s not at all uncommon or surprising to see rice krispies in afternoon or dinner treats or even an ingredient in home-made endurance sports bars.

So as consumers snack more and more, the question is how your products can tap into that market either as a healthy quick eats or a guilty indulgence.

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