October 5, 2017

Kroger To Fill Whole Foods Place When It Comes To Local Products?

Where one door closes, another apparently opens. Last week we talked a little bit about how Whole Foods Market is looking to make itself more competitive in the industry by potentially doing away with its laser-focus on providing local brands to specific local markets. Reports say that Whole Foods is thinking about doing away with its regional buying program and focusing on more of a centralized purchasing system that will enable it to get a better price on products – thus driving up their margins. All of this leaves an opening in the industry for stores that do provide local products to local customers and Kroger seems to have stepped in quickly to fill Whole Foods’ shoes.

Announced last week, Kroger has launched a website that enables small brands to pitch their products directly to Kroger buyers who are looking for local and regional products as a way to differentiate themselves from other supermarket chains.

This is, of course, potentially great news for smaller manufacturers who may have been worried about their shelf space in Whole Foods being in jeopardy or had been dreaming of one day getting onto the shelf there.

Kroger, which operates in 35 states and the District of Columbia, reported in a press release that “Kroger’s team of buyers continuously look for opportunities to purchase regionally that allow the company to expand its product portfolio for customers, stimulate the local economy and enhance product freshness. Sourcing locally also supports the company’s sustainability commitments, including Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiative launched earlier this week.”

For more information about pitching to Kroger’s Buyers, click here.

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