October 25, 2017

Keep Your Instagram Hashtags Fresh

Instagram can be a tremendous tool for food businesses. If you’re a good – or even a halfway decent – photographer, Instagram can help you make your food shine on a platform and to people who appreciate visuals.

If you’ve been using Instagram for your business, you may have narrowed down on a set of hashtags that seem to bring you the most engagement from viewers. These hashtags can be important in helping get your content seen by your existing audience but, like most social media platforms, are searchable so that someone searching for #yummycakeinseattle may find your images without you doing anything beyond posting your picture with that hashtag. It can be an easy and, best of all, FREE way to get more people seeing your pictures and maybe turning into customers one day.

However, it’s important not to rely on the same set of hashtags over and over again even if the hashtags you’ve chosen are the most seemingly relevant to your business and product lines. Instagram is on the hunt for spammers and bots and it’s been reported on multiple tech sites that part of Instagram’s algorithm seems to go after accounts that use the same hashtags all the time as this behavior mirrors what bots do.

If you’re mistaken for a bot or spammer, your Instagram account may be deactivated or you may be ‘shadowbanned’ which is what happens when your images don’t show up in searches even though your account is still active.

Lastly, before you post any new hashtags, make sure you’re not using one that has been banned by Instagram. You can find a list of banned hashtags here (fair warning – some of these are really crude). Even if you are using it in an legitimate manner, using these could cause trouble for your account.

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