November 7, 2017

Ok, Let’s Chat!

Finding folks in this industry to talk with, ask questions of, bounce ideas off of, and sometimes just plain vent when the going gets tough is really hard. Oftentimes, food entrepreneurship is a really lonely venture. Even if you’re working in a shared or incubator kitchen space, much of the time you and your food business colleagues are all so busy that it’s hard to find time to talk and ask questions. So….

Based on recommendations and requests from you guys (per usual – thanks for being so vocal and sharing what it is you really want and need from this site!), Small Food Business has launched a closed Facebook Group for food entrepreneurs and food business owners. The goal of this group is to be a space for food artisans and entrepreneurs of all types to talk, share advice, and ask questions without fear that what you say or ask will be seen by customers, retail partners, or other vendors.

This group is just getting started so if it sounds interesting, check it out here. Also, be sure to share the page with your friends and colleagues in the food industry as the more there are of us talking the better a resource the group will be for everyone.