November 13, 2017

Whole Foods’ Makes Trend Predictions For 2018

With the upcoming holidays, so too does the end-of-year trend reports start as experts of all stripes start to look into their crystal balls to predict what customers will be looking for and buying in the new year.

Whole Foods Market recently published their trend report which highlighted, amongst other things, a desire from customers for more Middle Eastern flavors and fare and more and more plant-based food products. You can read the complete report here.

The one that caught my eye though was #5 on the list. It’s one of those things we’ve been talking about for the past few years here so I feel a bit like a broken record in pointing it out (if you have the 2015 State of the Union report, go back and check it out as we were talking about it then!) but it’s important enough to highlight again.

#5 in Whole Foods Market’s report puts the spotlight on transparency. Consumers don’t just desire – they now DEMAND – to know more about where their food comes from, what’s in it, and how it is processed. This isn’t something that’s going away or will fade into the back drop. The more you can start doing today to help tell your company’s story and keep your processes transparent the more consumers will trust you and want to purchase from you.

So what can you do to build that transparency? If you haven’t already, look at all the touch points you have with your customer – your packaging, your website, your social media channels, your marketing, your in-person events, your customer service, etc – how are you helping communicate your company’s transparency to your customers along all the channels they use and see?

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