April 12, 2018

Do You Have A Support System?

I recently joined a new program and during the registration process was asked whether or not I had a support system. It’s a great question to ask no matter what you’re undertaking because research shows that having a support system makes you significantly higher at sticking with something when things get challenging and working towards your goals.

And when I talk about support system I’m not just talking about people you can tap for information and expertise. It is critically important to have those people in your life, no doubt about it. But it’s also important to have friends, spouse/partner, family member, etc that you can lean into and sigh deeply when things get rough. The type of person who will not necessarily try to solve the problem for you but will listen and help pick you up when needed.

I’ve definitely talked about this before over the years but it’s worth reiterating. Being an entrepreneur is hard – mentally and physically – and you need a support system around you that can help you get over those hurdles that will, undoubtably, arise.

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