Knowledge Pantry

May 11, 2018

A Letter To My Daughter On Mother’s Day

Dear Kidlet,

In case I haven’t told you recently, you are the most amazing, joy-filled, bundle of 3 year old energy. You are inquisitive, creative, and it constantly takes my breath away that somehow I was lucky enough to become your mother.

I would, if I could, spend every moment of every day simply being your mother but, as you well know, I also work. Now, to be honest, I am incredibly blessed with a job that provides me with some flexibility so that I can be around for most of the important things in your life. But I am not around all the time and I know sometimes you wish I was (just so you know, when you play with your dolls and they cry when ‘doll mommy’ goes to work I get the message you’re sending me loud and clear!).

On the really hard days though, the days when I’m ready to throw in the towel, it’s you that keeps me going.

  • I hope that one day you will remember that your mother worked hard and sacrificed things in order to build a career and a business for herself. From that I hope you’ll feel confident to follow your own path and passion in life to build a life that you love.
  • I hope that you’ll remember there were times I struggled or were frustrated but that I didn’t give up. And that from that you’ll dig a little deeper when life throws you a curve ball because I know you are capable of overcoming anything that’s thrown at you.
  • I hope you’ll remember that I faced challenges but that I was able to figure out ways to solve the problems as they presented themselves. You are so smart – smarter than you will ever know – and you are so capable. Some people in this world will try to tell you that you’re not. Never listen to those people – trust in yourself and your ability to solve any problem.
  • I hope you’ll remember that I felt pride in having built something and that sense of pride was important to my sense of self-worth. I hope you’ll also find things in your life that are ‘yours’ and through which you can be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.
  • I hope you’ll remember the times I failed and how I picked myself up, dusted myself off, went for a really long run to clear my head, and then kept chugging along. You will undoubtably fail at things in life but I would hate for you to live a life where you were too afraid to try and follow your dreams. Better to try and fail. Better yet to try, fail, and then revise your plan to try again.
  • Most of all, I hope you’ll remember that everything I did was to help build a life for you that I felt you deserved. I’m sure I’ve fallen short – and will continue to fall short – multiple times but I hope you know that through it all you’ve always been loved more than you can possibly imagine. And you will always be loved. So when life does throw up those roadblocks, even though you are absolutely capable of overcoming them, you can always come home – either physically or emotionally. I am always here for you and my love never wavers.
  • I love you. I love you. I love you. I always love you.

    ~Your Working Mama