June 7, 2018

Whole Foods Puts The Brakes On Mandatory GMO Labeling

Five years ago Whole Foods took a stance on GMOs and consumer transparency when the company mandated that all products in their stores must indicate whether they contain or may contain GMO substances. The deadline for this labeling was September 1, 2018. Whole Foods recently announced that they are going to delay that mandate while they wait for the USDA to outline what may or may not be required from manufacturers with regards to GMO labeling under the updated Agricultural Marketing act.

Whole Foods argues that making suppliers comply with with the labeling requirements now, before it’s clear how the USDA wants items labeled in the near future, may cause undue economic distress for companies – forcing them to make multiple changes to their labels in a short period of the time. So for now, at least, mandatory GMO labeling is on hold and waiting for the USDA before moving forward.

To read more about this, check out this great article in Food & Wine which goes into great detail about all facets of GMO labeling.

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