June 21, 2018

Food For Thought If You Want To Open Up A Restaurant

crowd funding your food businessI came across some really interesting data the other day about how much, on average, local restaurants make each day they’re open. Womply published their State Of Local Restaurants Report and in it found that restaurants make, on average, $1700 a day.

Womply’s research is based on looking at the transactions of 26,000 local restaurants across the United States. Obviously there is going to be variability in that daily figure depending on where you live. However, Womply has taken that into consideration and you can easily drill down into their data to get more concrete numbers specific to your state.

While even where you live in your state may impact your figures, having a rough starting point that local restaurants in your state make $X daily can be a huge benefit to helping aspiring restauranteurs determine if their anticipated revenues are going to cover their anticipated costs. Alternatively, if you’re already in operation, this can be a great way to check and see if your business is doing what it might be capable of sales-wise given how other restaurants in your state perform.

Click here to view Womply’s State Of Local Restaurants Report and accompanying data graphics.

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