July 2, 2018

CountryTime Offers To Pay Lemonade Stand Fines

financing small businessAs food entrepreneurs, we all know that the myriad of law, regulations, and permits can be overwhelming for anyone wanting to sell food and drink. The question though is whether those same rules should apply to kids under the age of 14 who are looking to set up a small lemonade stand.

In recent years, there have been more and more stories of child-run lemonade stands being shut down across the country because the children do not have the right permits. On the one hand, many argue that that children are only doing what children have done for years as a way to test their own entrepreneurial spirit, are making a minimum amount of money (at $.25 a pop it’s not like they’re getting rich!), and in many cases are using lemonade mix so the risks to public are minimal. On the flip side there are those that argue that if you want to sell food or drinks then you need to follow the law, no matter how old you are or how much money you make.

In what I would argue is a brilliant marketing move, CountryTime – the makers of lemonade mix (among other products) announced that they have created a fun to help reimburse legal and permitting fees for children under the age of 14 who find their lemonade stands shut down by health officers.

The fund, named Legal-Ade, is valid for lemonade stands through August 31st with the hope to continue this in future years.

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