July 31, 2018

Making Your Photos A Little More Professional

food photography taken with blackberry phoneNo doubt about it, professional photographers are worth their weight in gold. The problem is, gold can sometimes be expensive and outside of your budget. But if you take photos like I do – which is just a little worse than an untrained chimp with a camera (as shown in the photo accompanying this post) – you may feel like you don’t have a ton of options.

Then I happened to have coffee with a friend who is a professional photographer. She was sharing with me some of the grips she has about her profession with the biggest one being that she struggles to find the time to get a photo staged, the pictures taken, everything cleaned up, and the photo photoshopped before her young kids terrorize the set. Simply, it’s too much for her busy schedule right now and she’s struggling how to manage her business while also giving her clients what they want. It should be noted that thanks to social media, more and more of her clients want things turned around incredibly quickly too so they can use it online.

So I asked her if she’d ever considered offering Photoshop-only services. Where, for example, I could take a picture and she could clean it up for me? I explained that from the food entrepreneurs side of the equation, it’s not just the cost for a full photo shoot that can seem insurmountable but the time involved for us to be on set to create the food, potentially help oversee the shoot, etc. What about if for online-only images you could take our unprofessional photos and spruce them up a bit, I asked.

She loved the idea! Now, I’m not going to start recommending her out to everyone because chances are there are some incredibly talented photographers in your area who might be willing to do the very same thing. I think the key is that I’d never thought to ask before. So ask your local photographers if this is something they’ll consider.

Now as I think about the time – and money – I can save by taking pictures that will appear on social media and having a professional clean them up the whole photography thing seems less daunting. Granted, there is only so much magic photoshop can do so I am not expecting miracles. A nonprofessional taking a picture is never going to look as good as professional but sometimes what we need is a GOOD shot and not necessarily a GREAT shot.

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