August 7, 2018

How Do You Handle Making Mistakes?

Mistakes happen, we all cognitively know that but still typically get frustrated when they happen. But what do you do when a mistake – and by this I mean one big enough to really make you stop for a second – happens?

I’ve been thinking a lot about mistakes as that’s something we’re trying to teach my kiddo are ok as it’s through mistakes that we learn. But as adults, I’ve noticed, we don’t often take the time to learn what it is we need to from that mistake.

For example, let’s say you’ve been rushing to get things done – feeling under incredible time pressure as you try to juggle all aspects of your life and you make a mistake with your accounting books. You may mentally beat yourself up about it for a bit and certainly you’ll do what’s needed to remedy the mistake (especially if things have already been submitted to your accountant!) but do you take a moment to stop and realize what led to the mistake in the first place. Do you put processes in place to help minimize the chance you’ll make the same mistake in the future? In this case, maybe you carve out a few hours every week that are dedicated to your bookkeeping or maybe you decide to hire a bookkeeper to do the job for you?

This is just one small example but it happens time and time again to us entrepreneurs. We make a mistake, we work to fix the mistake, but then we keep charging on ahead full steam without taking any time to reflect on what led to the mistake and how we might be able to remedy that for the future. Trust me, I’m just as guilty as the next person here. It’s through trying to model good learning-from-mistakes that I really noticed that what I’m asking my daughter to do I’m not actually doing myself.

So next time a mistake happens – because it most definitely will! – don’t beat yourself up. Take the time to reflect on what happened and do what you can to really learn from that mistake. That will free you up to make different mistakes in the future! 😉

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