August 28, 2018

Where Do You Stand On Plastic?

food wastePlastic is the new evil foe of the media world. Plastic straws are being banned or given up around the country. Many cities have instituted a plastic bag ban. And the recent National Geographic magazine devoted to plastic’s impact on the economy have many people looking for ways to minimize their use of plastics.

So perhaps the real question should be – where do you AND where do your customers stand on plastic?

Because the painful truth of the food industry (and this is one I struggle with a ton personally) is the amount of waste we create. There’s a ton of waste in the production of our products but the beautiful, thoughtful packaging we create in order to catch customers’ attention may also be highly wasteful as well.

I’ve talked about this a little before and if you’ve read those articles then you can see it’s something I’m still grappling with. Personally, as I work on testing new recipes for a potential new food product, I’m testing ways to take plastic out of the equation. But it’s not easy at all. We’ve become so used to using it in so many things that cutting the cord is certainly a learning exercise.

Are you finding pushback at all from your customers when it comes to plastic and/or waste?

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