August 30, 2018

Creating An Organizational System That Works

About year ago I got so fed up trying to keep track of everything that needed to get done in both my home and business lives, that I ditched my online calendar and went old-school written datebook.

I’m here to tell you that for me, it was one of the best things I ever did.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with technology at my fingertips from Day 1 (anyone else here remember the old Oregon Trail game where your character could only move at right angles but that darn buffalo could run on a diagonal??), but I found it frustrating trying to keep track of all of my work to-dos, the family birthdays, my husband’s work travel schedule, the random house appointments for fun things like having the heaters serviced, the parent-teacher meetings, etc. Between appointments in my phone calendar sometimes not synching with my laptop plus what felt like a thousand random scraps of paper with to-do lists scribbled on them, it was just too much.

There are definitely downsides to having a written calendar. If you ask me what my schedule is for X day in the future I can’t just turn to my phone and tell you. If I don’t have the datebook with me then I can’t commit until I get home to look at it. Plus, everything has to be manually entered into the book which means the onus is on me to make sure everything gets written in.

But it’s a system that I’ve found works for me. It helps me stay on top of what needs to get done and makes sure that things like said heater servicing – which is not exciting but is definitely important as the weather starts to cool – actually happens.

Being an entrepreneur + (insert all your other roles here) means that you will always have a lot of moving pieces. Whether it’s a written date book or something else entirely, you need to take the time to invest in an organizational system that will help you keep track of all those pieces.

What’s your favorite method for keeping all the balls in the air?

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