September 13, 2018

Getting Financial Help For Trade Shows

Fancy Food ShowA great tip came in from an entrepreneur over on the Food Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Facebook page that was too good not to share. This entrepreneur had found a government resource that helps pay up to 50% of the cost of attending and exhibition at trade shows. Since trade shows can be brutally expensive to attend, this may be great news to many.

The trade associations – for those living the Southeastern United States and for those living in the Western US, require that your product be made in the US, that it bears a ‘Made In The US’ label on the packaging, and that 50% of your ingredients be from the US. While there is some paperwork involved, the entrepreneur said she was reimbursed for $12,000 worth of trade show expenses. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

So, if you do attend trade shows it may be worthwhile to check out these trade associations and determine if your product meets the necessary requirement.

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