October 9, 2018

Blockchain Technology Enters Mainstream Food Industry

food truck technologyIf you listen to the Small Food Business podcasts, you may remember an episode a few months ago where we talked about the potential impact of blockchain on the food industry. In the podcast though it was mentioned that when/if blockchain ultimately ever really impacted the food industry was unknown. Well, it looks like it’s happening a lot quicker than we anticipated.

In case you missed it, Walmart recently announced that by next year 100 of its lettuce and spinach providers will need to contribute information into a blockchain database that Walmart has for it’s wholesale partners. The goal is to be able to more quickly and accurately identify food that may be contaminated earlier in the supply chain. This may be starting with spinach and lettuce – two food items that are subject to recalls in the past due to E. coli outbreaks – but may very well translate into other food items down the road.

The other question is whether other retailers – both large and small – may also start requiring this of their providers. It will certainly be interesting to see how this develops and how, over time, this technology potentially changes the way retailers buy and sell food.

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