November 29, 2018

Why You Should Ignore The Annual Trend Predictions (Sort of)

Next week I plan to post an article about the various trends that are being predicted for next year in the food industry. But before I do that, let me give you a little food for thought. It’s easy to jump on a particular bandwagon in the hopes that it’s the next goldmine. While tempting, keep a few things in mind:

  • You’re not the only one checking out the trend reports to try and find ‘the next big idea.’ Chances are that your on-trend idea may find itself in a crowded on-trend field as many others are probably thinking along similar lines. That will make it harder to differentiate yourself.
  • No matter how great a trend sounds, if it is not in-line with your business or products then it may be best to ignore it. Your products do not have to hit every single checkbox when it comes to consumer trends and desires.
  • Trying to be on-trend if it is counter-intuitive to your messaging will only confuse customers. Don’t try to talk about the health benefits of your indulgent treats, for example. That’s just going to tick off the health conscious and turn off those who want the indulgence.
  • Even if an idea for a product dovetails nicely with a predicted trend, take the time to evaluate how much it will cost to produce and market that product. Some trends can be more expensive to follow than others from a production standpoint.
  • Trends come and trends go. Sometimes being on-trend for no other reason than it is a trend means that your customers will have no reason to stick around with you once the trend is finished. And all trends do eventually end. Remember the ‘no fat’ trend of the 80’s?

This isn’t to say that creating an on-trend product is a bad idea. But it is also not a sure-fire way to build easy sales. Like everything else, it’ll take work to make it work.

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