December 4, 2018

2019 Food Trend Predictions

What’s interesting, in reading through a variety of food trend predictions, is how wide-spread the ‘good-for-you’ trend has become. In prior years, companies like Whole Foods Market placed high emphasis on their consumers demanding good-for-you foods but that’s being seen across the grocery spectrum now. Consumers across the board, it appears, have made the connection between how what you eat can impact your health substantially and are trying to make smarter eating and drinking decisions.

This isn’t to say that your products have to be good-for-you if they inherently aren’t. While a Mintel report showed that a majority of consumers are hoping to cut their sugar intake in 2019, they will take real products over chemicals so far better to include real butter and sugar in your items than something lab-generated.

Speaking of lab-generated, there still seems to be some hesitation amongst consumers to try lab-grown meat. Perhaps, per the point above, it doesn’t seem ‘natural’? It’ll be interesting to see who this plays out over the long term.

Snacking – a trend we’ve talked about a fair amount over the past few years – is still going strong. Sit-down meals are becoming more and more a thing of the past and consumers are looking for ways to get good, wholesome food into them while on the go.

Lastly, packaging is a big concern to some consumers and food companies are trying to keep up. Just as consumers have become more aware that what they put into their body impacts their health, they’re also realizing that what they throw away impacts the environment as a whole. There is a growing push in some circles for reusable packaging or, at the very least, packaging that can be easily recycled. As with the first point about how ‘good-for-you’ started as a fringe consumer segment and has grown from there, my guess is that soon this eco-packaging trend will be one of those we continue to see grow bigger and bigger in coming years.

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