December 6, 2018

Macy’s Makes Holiday Shopping Social & Personalized

It’s always interesting to see what big brands, with their marketing war chest, are doing during the holiday season to bring customers to their doors (brick-and-mortar and virtual). While I haven’t yet seen it in action, I did read about a very interesting approach Macy’s was taking that capitalized on both the social and personalization trends that are so important to customers these days.

According to a press release from Macy’s, the company has created a seasonal Instagram campaign that enables users to answer a few questions about themselves. Based on those results, the company will send them personalized shopping guides for the various people in their lives via Instagram’s carousel feature. The last picture in the carousel is a stoppable one that will take Instagram users directly to Macy’s e-commerce platform so they can purchase anything they’ve seen.

It’s pretty ingenious if they can pull it off. Finding ‘the right’ holiday gift is a challenge for most people (seriously, what do I get my mother-in-law?) so a store that can help out with that via personalized recommendations, save time by enabling the entire transaction to occur online, and take place in a platform many users already are spending time – that has all the ingredients for win-win. It’ll be interesting to loop back around after the holidays and see if there’s any word on how the campaign ultimately performed.

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