January 8, 2019

The #1 Thing Your Business Needs This Coming Year

branding marketingThis time of year everyone’s talking about business plans and starting the new year off with a bang. But as a small food producer you may already be inundated and feeling like your struggling to keep your head above water with all the tasks on your to-do list. So if you had to choose, what one thing would you focus on in the new year?

Here’s my answer to that question and it’s the one thing I see food producers let fall by the wayside time and time again. If you want to give your products and your company a chance for success, you need to make the time to develop a marketing plan that outlines what you want to achieve this year and how you plan to achieve it.

I’ve said it before but simply posting on Facebook (or whichever social media of your choice) when you have time is not a marketing plan. That’s not something that’s going to make a difference in your business. We all know great food producers who can’t seem to get ahead while sub-par competitors seem to grow and grow and grow. Why is that? Oftentimes that comes down to marketing.

You cannot rely on a great product speaking for itself. You have to help it speak and help customers understand why they need to try it and buy it.

As a reminder, if marketing is not your forte, it is perfectly acceptable for your plan to be that you’re going to outsource all or some of your marketing to an expert. Ultimately though you want to make sure that marketing is at the forefront of someone’s mind when in relation to your business as that’s the only way to work towards making it in the forefront of your consumers’ minds as well.

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