January 22, 2019

What’s Hot At The Fancy Food Show?

Fancy Food ShowThe Specialty Food Association’s Winter Fancy Food Show recently wrapped up in San Francisco and while I wasn’t there, many folks I know were so I asked them to let me know what they were seeing and hearing at the show.

  • CBD is all the rage. Adding CBD (derived from hemp without the effects of marijuana) to food products is one of the newest trends and it was seen in everything from coffee to chocolate.
  • Nothing goes to waste. Food waste has always been a concern in the food industry and several companies are now tackling that – turning what has traditionally been waste into edible food products. This includes taking ugly fruits and veggies and turning them into juices and even products that takes typical ‘leftovers’ from other food manufacturing processes and incorporating them into their own new products.
  • Plant-based snacks – especially those that can be consumed ‘on-the-go’ are definitely on trend right now. Speaking of which, anything in ‘on-the-go’ packaging is popular and has been driven, manufacturers say, by consumer demand.
  • Eating Your Way To Optimum Health. If it’s not CBD-infused then there’s a good chance there’s added collagen in the food your eating and/or drink of your choice. That’s another ingredient that was being touted by many producers at the Fancy Food Show.

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