January 24, 2019

Chipping Away, Little By Little

food business fireStarting a new food business, or even bringing on a new product line, can feel a little bit like climbing a mountain. I knew this because it’s something I’ve done in the past but with the new year, it’s something that’s come front and center back into my life again.

You see, after selling my last food company several years ago I haven’t been working in professional kitchens. I’ve been working full-time on this site, teaching food entrepreneurship courses, writing, and raising my young preschooler. But I always knew I’d return to the kitchen, I was just waiting for the right idea to come to mind.

About 8 months ago one idea I had didn’t seem to want to let go. It kept niggling at me night and day. And every time I threw up roadblocks saying that it wouldn’t work for reason X or reason Y, I’d somehow figure out an answer to that challenge.

So with the start of the new year, so too am I starting back on the road to food business ownership. I’ll be honest and say that it will be a very small, cottage food business (in part because I’m still working on this site, teaching food entrepreneurship courses, writing, and raising my young preschooler) but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hurdles that need to be overcome as I try to figure out my way through packaging options, determine how to market the business, try to land on the right product mix (and then the right pricing mix!!), and get my licensing in order.

If you’re right at the beginning too, trust that I know how exhilarating and how frustrating this point can be. There’s a million puzzle pieces to put together and you’re not sure how it’s all going to pan out. I get it – I’m here too. But here’s what I do know from having started and run other food businesses in the past – you just have to keep chipping away at the problems that need solving. You won’t necessarily solve them all today or even this month – and when you do other problems will undoubtably arise – but just keep working in bits and pieces on as much as you can with as much information as you have at the time. Then go back later and revise and make new plans when new information arises.

Trust me – you’ve got this. We all do!

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