January 28, 2019

HACCP Planning Made Easier For Small Food Businesses

business ideasOne of my favorite things about the Food Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Facebook Group is how willing the entrepreneurs on there are to share amazing resources they’ve found. The group is filled with people who genuinely want to help one another succeed and I firmly believe that a rising tide carries all boats. Today’s tip – and the other one I’ll share later this week – came from this group and I thought they were invaluable.*

Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points – also known as HACCP – plans are now required by food businesses of all sizes to pin point where there may be potential food contamination issues within their production processes and what steps are being done to mitigate that risk. While the idea behind why there are needed is absolutely critical to help keep the public safe, the reality is that smaller food companies have been given little guidance on how to create and regularly update these plans. This can be a huge undertaking for just one product – let alone a whole suite of products that each require different processing steps.

Just this past week one entrepreneur on the Facebook group shared that she’d found an online HACCP planning tool that can also be used by multiple members of her staff to regularly update the sections required for record keeping purposes. Created by GoCanvas, the HACCP Mobile can be used on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices and offers over 100 free HACCP templates to get you started – or you can build your own in their system – and then you can use it to keep your records-up-to-date. Oh, and the basic versions of this system, which appears to be sufficient for most smaller food companies, are free.

You can click here to learn more about GoCanvas’ HACCP planning templates.

* This is not a paid promotion or advertising. I am not receiving any compensation for this product recommendation. Just wanted to share what looks to be a great resource for food entrepreneurs.

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And be sure to check back later this week for another great tip from the Facebook community of food entrepreneurs.

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