January 31, 2019

Creating Your Employee Manual

business success requires humilityHaving employees can take some of the weight off of your shoulders when it comes to creating product and running your business. However, having employees can also come with problems is those employees don’t clearly understand your company’s policies and expectations. That’s where an employee manual can come in. However, knowing what to put into an employee manual can seem daunting to any of us who didn’t come from an HR background and so the question was posed on the Food Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Facebook group as to what exactly should go into said manual.

Not only was it a great question, but one of the responses was so simultaneously obvious and brilliant at the same time that I felt it had to be shared. Leave it to Google! One entrepreneur suggested googling ’employee manual template’ and you’ll get hundreds of examples of templates you can use as you start to craft your employee manual. These templates will give you a starting point as to what should be included in these manuals so that your policies and procedures are clearly outlined in a way that employees will understand and in a way that will help protect both your employees and your company.

So another huge thank you to the food business community on Facebook for sharing their expertise with one another! If you’re a food producer and would like to join the conversation, click here to be taken to the Food Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Facebook page. This is a private group and you will need to answer several questions in order to be approved to join.

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