March 26, 2019

Are There Too Many Farmers’ Markets

traditional marketingI read this interesting article on NPR last week that talked about the impact of the growth of farmers’ markets – and how that’s not always a good thing. In addition to talking about how so many new markets may mean fewer customers as customers pick and choose which markets to attend; it also touched on how many of these markets may be competing for the same vendors on the same days. This means vendors need to pick and choose which markets they’ll attend even if that means turning down other markets.

I’m curious what your experience has been as either (both?) a customer and potentially a vendor at markets. Are you finding that customer traffic is down at your local markets? Are you finding it harder to make decisions about which markets are the right ones to attend if they’re on the same days? Or if you’re a customer, do you find you don’t go to X market and go to Y instead because it has a bigger selection, better timing, better location?

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