May 13, 2019

Selling The Odd Ends & Bits

business ideasA great email came across my desk the other day from a local chocolatier that really caught my eye. This chocolatier, who sells wholesale and also has one small retail outlet at their production facility, was going to be selling off their ‘broken bars’ (i.e., the things that tasted great but broke in production) for $X per pound. No fancy packaging, no full-sized bars, but the $X was a great one for their great chocolate.

Obviously this may not be practical for everyone depending on what you make and how long it can be safely stored, but this is a wonderful way to reduce waste and get more sales. Best of all, because the company doesn’t need to package up the broken bars, they’re saving on packaging. The other thing I love about this idea is that sometimes I see food businesses try to use up product by creating something else that incorporates said product. For example, this chocolatier probably could turn these chocolate bits into amazing chocolate chip cookies. But now all of the sudden you’re buying flour, butter, and a whole set of new ingredients, figuring out a new process within your production facility, making sure not to cross contaminate, and then hoping that this new product sells. Versus keeping it really simple and sweet (pun intended) and just selling off your excess product.

Unfortunately I’ll be out of town for this chocolatier’s event but you can trust me that I forwarded the event to every chocolate-loving friend I know. I’m guessing this company won’t have trouble getting rid of their ‘odd ends and bits.’

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