May 16, 2019

Age Really Is Just A Number

Here’s the thing about birthdays – they keep coming regardless of whether or not you want them to (though hooray for birthday cake!). Last week my sister, at age 41, graduated with her RN. This is a complete and utter career switch for her and required several years of schooling which she did in conjunction with raising children.

About a year into her schooling – exhausted from working full-time, raising kids, and studying, she called me one night and told me she was thinking of stopping. “I’m going to be 41 before I even graduate,” I remember her telling me. And I realized in that moment that she was going to be 41 regardless of whether she went ahead with this or not. Nothing is going to stop your birthdays from coming. So you can either keep working towards your goals – be they going back for more schooling, opening a business, or making a huge shift in your business model. Time will keep marching forward regardless and the only thing you have control over is what you do with that time.

On Mother’s Day my sister stood proudly and was pinned (a nursing tradition for new nurses) by her children. She already has plans to work as a nurse and continue working towards a graduate degree.

So if you’re hesitating to take the next step because you think you’re too old or perhaps because you’re too young. Remember that age is just a number.

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