About Us

Jennifer Lewis

Despite having a background as a professional pastry chef and having studied entrepreneurship in my MBA program, when starting and running my own food company I realized there was a lack of information and resources available for small food business entrepreneurs.  So I set out to change that…


Small Food Business is a community for food artisans and entrepreneurs with a mission of providing up-to-date industry news as well as the regulatory, business, and strategic information needed to successfully compete in today’s marketplace. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can find on this site:

  • If you’re in the early stages of your food business, check out the Starting Your Food Business page for articles specific to food startups.
  • If you’re looking to build on what you’ve already created, check out the Grow Your Food Business page.
  • The brand new podcast series, which starts in January 2015 and was prompted through feedback from readers, features experts and interviews with food entrepreneurs like you about challenges they’re facing in their businesses.    Look for a new podcast on the site every two weeks.
  • Check out the books, resources, and tools for food entrepreneurs.  These were created by a very real understanding of the specific questions and problems food businesses face.
  • The free webinar series is a great way to learn about business topics that are pertinent to your growing business.  Space is limited so be sure to sign up early to grab your seat.
  • Sign up for the monthly Small Food Business e-newsletter.  You’ll not only get valuable information to help your business endeavors, but you’ll also be given advance notice about the webinars.

A note about this site: Small Food Business does not accept paid posts or compensation from publishing articles on this site so that you can trust what you read here.  Also, your contact information is private and should you choose to share it with us, we respect that privacy by never selling, giving, or sharing it with third parties.