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Every entrepreneur reaches that stage where their ‘idea’ seems to have a life of it’s own. Congratulations! It’s a great (and scary) place to be. This is where you’ll find the information you need to take your food business to the next level.

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December 17, 2012

What About When You’re Not Affected By A Recall?

That seems like a strange question to ask, doesn’t it?  If you’re not impacted by a big product recall then why do you need to worry?  Turns out you still do but for a very different reason and this was a lesson I learned from personal experience!

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December 14, 2012

Are You Product Recall Ready?

Here’s a scenario for you….You are a proud entrepreneur who hand crafts your products with love and attention to detail.  Surely a business like yours would never need to worry about a product recall, right?  Think again…

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December 5, 2012

Getting To Know Generation i

There’s a new generation of consumers moving their way up the ranks but this group is highly tech-savvy and advertising-smart.  What do you need to know about Generation i?

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November 21, 2012

A Legitimate Reason To Take A Break

Most entrepreneurs I know, myself included, tend to be somewhat – if not fully – Type A personalities.  In some respect you have to be Type A and be willing to work hard all. the. time. to succeed.  All that work and no play, as they say, isn’t necessarily the way to great creative thinking…

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October 30, 2012

Turning Anger Into Advocacy

Customer complaints are, sadly, the name of the game when you run your own business and it can be painful to hear something negative when you are the person running the show.  Believe it or not, those customer complaints are golden opportunities and you have the power to turn those folks into some of your…

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