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Creating a successful food business takes more than just good recipes.  In addition to making a great product, you also have to build a strong brand, engage with your customers, and grow sales.   Learn more about the different components of small food business ownership.

Labeling & Packaging:

October 1, 2018

Accurate Food Labeling Is No Joke

While I hate to post bad news in what seems like an endless cycle of bad news on CNN/BBC/Insert your favorite news source – this story definitely jumped out at me. A 15yo girl apparently died from an anaphylactic reaction to sesame from food she bought in the airport. The label on the item didn’t…

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August 28, 2018

Where Do You Stand On Plastic?

Plastic is the new evil foe of the media world. Plastic straws are being banned or given up around the country. Many cities have instituted a plastic bag ban. And the recent National Geographic magazine devoted to plastic’s impact on the economy have many people looking for ways to minimize their use of plastics.

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July 19, 2018

Packaging Drives Purchasing

In case you weren’t already aware of how important your packaging is in terms of what story it is telling your customers, here are some hard numbers for you. A study conducted by MeadWestVaco a few years ago found that packaging influences consumers more than online reviews, tv ads, or word-of-mouth recommendations. That’s pretty powerful!

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June 7, 2018

Whole Foods Puts The Brakes On Mandatory GMO Labeling

Five years ago Whole Foods took a stance on GMOs and consumer transparency when the company mandated that all products in their stores must indicate whether they contain or may contain GMO substances. The deadline for this labeling was September 1, 2018. Whole Foods recently announced that they are going to delay that mandate while…

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March 6, 2018

What Exactly Does Natural Mean?

Since we seem to be on a ‘labeling’ kick thus far this week, this is your reading assignment for the day. The New York Times wrote an incredible article about how the word ‘natural’ is used in the food industry. If you don’t already know, ‘natural’ doesn’t actually have a legal definition and in an…

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