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March 11, 2019

And we’re back…

Sorry for that unplanned hiatus…we ran into some technological hiccups that required some expert help to remedy. It definitely has me wondering how to possibly change up this platform to one that is more user friendly to you and to me. And the best format/frequency with which to delivery material. Thanks for bearing with me…

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November 8, 2018

What Would You Find Most Helpful In 2019?

Like many of you, I’m starting to plan for 2019 and am considering some changes that may impact this site and associated information. I’d love some input from you about what you find most and least helpful and what you’re hoping to gain from coming here. I’ve put together an anonymous 8-question survey that should…

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October 15, 2018

Preparing For The Holidays

The holidays are rapidly approaching and for many food entrepreneurs, this can be a prime time to rack up sales. In this podcast we talk with Eric Rupart from Nutkrack about how he’s using his 40+ years in the food industry to help him plan for his company’s very first holiday sales season.

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August 13, 2018

FoodBizConnect – Connecting Your With The Vendor Partners You Need

What if rather than spending 80% of your time searching for answers and vendors, you could dedicate that time to your business? How much more powerful could your business be? After more than 2 years of work, we’re proud to release the (beta) launch of FoodBizConnect – a resource for food entrepreneurs to help connect…

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July 16, 2018

Perfecting Processes

Believe it or not, coming up with your ‘idea’ is not the hard part of entrepreneurship. In fact, I’d argue that it’s the easiest part of all. Screwing up the courage to jump off and give it a try – that’s hard. Figuring out which licenses you need/don’t need/do I need these labels/etc – that’s…

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May 17, 2018

A Study To Determine If Food Really Is Medicine

A really interesting state-funded study in California is taking a close look at whether what food chronically ill people and those recovering from major illnesses has an impact on their recovery times and medical costs. Covered in a really interesting story in the New York Times, this study is similar to some smaller ones that…

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