August 11, 2017

Food Cost Calculator & Pricing Guide Bundle">Food Cost Calculator & Pricing Guide Bundle

Purchase both the Food Product Cost & Pricing Calculator spreadsheet and the Food Product Pricing Guide together.

Food Cost & Pricing Calculator Features:

  • Calculates your per unit cost for each of your ingredients and packaging for up to 30 recipes.
  • Tells you how much of each ingredient and packaging you need based on how much quantity you want to make
  • Incorporates your cost of labor into the product cost
  • Calculates product pricing for multiple channels based on your preferred margin percentages
    Want to know how to get your product to a certain price and still make money? This tool lets you work backwards from a final retail price and tells you how much you need to get your product cost down to in order to make the product and still make money
  • The spreadsheet includes directions but this 20 minute step-by-step video illustrates how to input a recipe in order to determine accurate product costs and pricing.

The Food Product Pricing e-book includes information about:

  • how your product costs relate to your product price;
  • more in-depth information about margin, how to use it, and how to find the right margins for your products;
  • how to calculate your break-even point so you know at what point in unit sales your business can expect to start making money;
  • understand the role competitors and their pricing plays in your pricing strategy;
  • taking a look at your understand about what price the market will bear and whether or not consumers will pay the price you want/need them to;
  • what to do if you find that your product prices are too high;
  • real-life questions from food entrepreneurs as they’ve struggled with their pricing and the responses I’ve shared with them.
  • This spreadsheet is in US dollars and utilizes excel. If you would prefer the UK, EU, or AUS spreadsheet instead please email info(at)smallfoodbiz(dot)com. The spreadsheet has also been tested to work on Numbers for Mac.To enable spreadsheet to be utilized in Google Docs follow these two quick steps (1) n Google Drive, click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the page and select Settings > Convert uploads. (2)Click the New button on the left of the page and select File upload, then navigate to your Excel file.

    Please note that certain cells are password protected to ensure that the spreadsheet accuracy is maintained. This step-by-step video explains how you access the cells necessary to complete the spreadsheet.