June 28, 2017

Food Product Pricing Guide">Food Product Pricing Guide

There is, without a doubt, one category of question I get asked about more than any other and that has to do with how to price your food products. The reality is that there are so many factors that go into pricing that it’s hard to sum up in just one article on the site or in an email response all the things you need to take into account. Pricing is probably the most important decision you’ll ever make for your company and this 30-page e-book covers all aspects of the pricing equation.

Included in this downloadable e-book is information about:

  • how your product costs relate to your product price;
  • more in-depth information about margin, how to use it, and how to find the right margins for your products;
  • how to calculate your break-even point so you know at what point in unit sales your business can expect to start making money;
  • understand the role competitors and their pricing plays in your pricing strategy;
  • taking a look at your understand about what price the market will bear and whether or not consumers will pay the price you want/need them to;
  • what to do if you find that your product prices are too high;
  • real-life questions from food entrepreneurs as they’ve struggled with their pricing and the responses I’ve shared with them.
  • If you’ve ever struggled with pricing, aren’t sure if you’re current pricing strategy is right, or have a new product on the horizon that you want to make sure hits the market at the right price point, this e-book is for you.