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Created in 2010, Small Food Business has emerged as the leading provider of resources and information specific to the artisan and specialty food business industry.  Providing dedicated news, in-depth industry reports, interviews with experts and entrepreneurs, a podcast series, books, and online classes, Small Food Business provides a community for food entrepreneurs that helps fuel their growth.

There are a few ways your company can be featured on the Small Food Business site:

Podcast Interview: Share your expertise and experiences in one of the Small Food Business podcasts.  We’re looking for food business experts willing to speak on a variety or topics and food entrepreneurs who are willing to share a current challenge they’re facing in their business.

Podcast Sponsorship: Sponsor a single episode or the entire year’s worth of podcasts via the only advertising option available on the Small Food Business site.  Includes mention in the podcast as a sponsor and inclusion on the Small Food Business site.  Prices start at $500 per episode.  This is the only advertising option available on the Small Food Business platform.  More information, including site stats and demographics, is available upon request.

Webinar Guest Expert: Share your expertise with an audience who is hungry to learn more.  All webinars must be relevant and informative to food entrepreneurs.  Software provided by Small Food Business.

Entrepreneur Interview: Is your business doing something new and different?  Perhaps it’s the product you make.  Perhaps it’s how you’re reaching out to your customers to grow your business.  If you’d like to share your entrepreneurial experiences, drop us a note that includes your website address and why your company should be featured.

Guest Post: Small Food Business only accepts guest post articles from established experts in their respective fields.  You are welcome to submit guest post articles and ideas but if they do not meet our guidelines for strong writing or fall outside the scope of this site, they will not be published.  You will only be contacted if your article has been accepted.

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact