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What type of small food business are you dreaming of?  Learn what you need to know to make your food business dream a reality…and a success.

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Home-Based Food Business

In a number of states around the US, it is now possible to start a home bakery or other small food business from your own kitchen.  Collectively known as Cottage Food Laws, these regulations are a huge benefit to artisan food entrepreneurs due to significant cost and time savings as opposed to renting commercial kitchen space. That…

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Farmers’ Market Business

Farmers’ markets are a great way to inexpensively test out your new food business on a small scale and can be a great way to introduce customers who care about handcrafted and all-natural foods to your company.  Not to mention, farmers’ markets can be very profitable for the entrepreneur too!   Check out these past articles to find out…

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Wholesale Food Business

Selling your products wholesale, where you sell your products to stores and they put it on their shelves, can be a valuable way to get your products in front of a maximum number of customers. This business strategy can help your business grow quickly but it takes an understanding of the distribution channels to make…

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Online Food Business

Selling your food products online opens your business up to customers around the country and, in some cases, around the world.  But how will you get customers to find your products online amongst the millions of websites out there? How will you entice customers who may have never tasted your products to actually buy? And…

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Catering & Special Events Business

Food tends to play a role in the most important days of our lives.  Be it a wedding, a retirement party, a baby shower, or a 50th anniversary, food is central to celebrations and that could be a profitable business opportunity for you.   From catering entire meals for hundreds of people to providing gifts and…

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