Coaching & Consulting

Entrepreneurship is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming.  If you’re finding it hard to know which way to turn next, business development and accountability coaching or consulting can help get you and keep you on the right track.  Together we’ll evaluate where your business is today and outline strategies to help you get your business to where you’d like it to be tomorrow.

Business Development & Accountability Coaching

  • Quarterly Coaching: We’ll meet, either in-person or via Skype, once every 3 months for 2 hours each time to review your strategy, provide you guidance and ideas to overcome hurdles, and make sure you’re on the right track.  Starts at $1800
  • Monthly Coaching: Need to meet more frequently/? Maybe you want a coach on your side to get you through a critical phase in your business’ start-up or growth.  With monthly coaching we’ll meet, either in-person or via Skype, once a month for 2 hours.  This is a month-to-month arrangement with no minimum commitment. Starts at $250/month
  • When You Want It Coaching: For those looking for coaching help from time to time.  Billed on an hourly basis.  Starts at $200/per hour

Business and Marketing Plan Feedback and Coaching

Business and Marketing plan review is available to food entrepreneurs at every stage of their business, be they just getting started, creating a new marketing plan for the year, or trying to get their business plan in shape to take to investors.  Includes review of an existing written plan, feedback, and an in-person or Skype meeting to talk through critical pieces of the plans and answer any questions.

  • Business Plan Review: $499
  • Marketing Plan Review: $350
  • Combined Business and Marketing Plan Review: $700

Project-Based Consulting

In-depth expertise and guidance on a specific business matter or project with an associated deliverable is also available.  Pricing is dependent on project scope and complexity.   If you’d like to discuss your potential consulting project please don’t hesitate to contact me at info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com so I can more fully understand what goals you’re trying to achieve and provide you with an accurate quote.

Past projects have included:

  • Menu development to increase customer sales and increase overall gross margins for multi-unit food service organization;
  • Business plan creation for incubator kitchen including financial models and marketing strategy to attract new entrepreneurs;
  • Analytical marketing research to segment customer base and develop a targeted marketing campaign as a result;
  • Assistance with brand identity and positioning for start-up food brands as well as defining target market and determining the most cost-effective manner to reach said market.

For more information about any of the Coaching or Consulting options please contact me at info (at) smallfoodbiz (dot) com.