Food entrepreneurs like you are cooking up amazing and innovative companies.  But that sometimes takes a backseat to trying to find answers to your food business questions.  It often feels like we’re spending 80% of our time trying to find answers and only 20% of our time acting on those answers.  What if we flipped that equation around?  How much more powerful could our businesses and our artisan food community be?

I’m a professional pastry chef and food entrepreneur with more than 20 years culinary experience and I started this website 10 years ago because I was frustrated with the lack of information available to people like you and me who wanted to start and run food businesses.  The goal of the site has always been to be a trusted resource for food entrepreneurs (one reason ads are never accepted on this site). My hope is that through this site we can work on flipping that 80-20 equation to that we food entrepreneurs spend only 20% of our time searching for answers and can dedicate 80% of our time working to grow our businesses, our customer relationships, and our communities. 

Thanks, Jennifer


P.S. - While, unfortunately, I no longer have the time to consult or answer individual questions from food entrepreneurs, you can find a community of food entrepreneurs from all over the world on our private Food Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Facebook page. This is a great way to connect with other food entrepreneurs, ask questions, and share your experiences and ideas!