Food Business Books


getting your specialty food product onto store shelves

Many small food business owners dream of seeing their products on store shelves, but how to get onto those shelves is a mystery. Focused specifically on specialty food businesses that don’t have millions of marketing dollars at their disposal, this book unravels that mystery for food entrepreneurs, offering tactical tips, insight, and short stories of entrepreneurs who have been in your place and succeeded.


starting a part-time food business

Whether you’re slaving away in a cubicle dreaming of turning your mother’s secret jam recipe into the next ‘it’ food or wish you could turn your flare for flan into a moneymaking venture that doesn’t conflict with your stay-at-home parenting responsibilities, this book share everything you need ot know to turn your love of food into a successful business without necessarily quitting your day job.


The business plan workbook for small businesses

Calling all busy solopreneurs, time-crunched mompreneurs, passionate artisans, and creative craftsmen – finally a business plan book for the rest of us!  This workbook makes business planning accessible with targeted questions and step-by-step exercises to guide you through the main business planning components. Numerous graphics help make key business concepts easy to understand and are followed by templates that you can use as you organize your business ideas.